Patient Pattern has achieved Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC-Health IT) 2015 Edition Cures Update Health IT certification.

Our Vision

Making Frailty The Global Standard Of Care

Our Mission

Leveraging frailty-driven solutions to improve clinical and financial outcomes.

Our story

Our Story

As a Geriatrician with a passion to improve care for older adults and medically complex individuals, I became frustrated with the common approach in identifying diagnoses and treating each of them regardless of their impact on the individual's function and quality of life. What became clear to me is the missing standard to understand a patient's vulnerability to stressors, where bad things happen to perceivably stable patients.

Most existing guidelines were focused on single diseases, rather than a holistic understanding of the person. What I noticed was a pattern of poor outcomes in patients of much younger chronological age, who had similar diagnoses to those patients in the same care setting that were much older. It was surprising to see individuals in their 50's, 60's and 70's, having worse outcomes after even minor stressors, than those who were in their 80's, 90's, or over 100. What was missing in the equation, was assessing a patient's frailty, an evidence-based measure of one's true physiological age.

After discovering innovative ways of automating frailty risk assessment, we would be able to determine trends that standardized risk evaluation across patients of different ages, across all care settings, and amongst various care providers, hence the creation of meaningful patterns, leading to the genesis of Patient Pattern. Patient Pattern's mission is to align risk-bearing plans with practice providers to provide superior clinical and financial outcomes.

Steven Buslovich, MD, CMD
Co-Founder, CEO

Our Values

Our Customers

We are inspired by those that use, pay for, and benefit from using our products and services.

Innovative Products

We create indispensable software products for giant markets.

Our People

We thrive in an environment of excellence in performance and innovation. We are proactive on matters of diversity and inclusion because we relish the opportunity to learn. We support the personal and professional goals our team members set for themselves and reward their outstanding performance.


We operate with highest standards of integrity, accountability, and respect. We set an open and transparent dialogue where employees can identify issues and ask for help.

Collaboration & the Team Experience

Our code of company culture:

  • Be respectful, humble, and helpful and always listen with a fair and open mind.
  • Be hungry, accountable, and committed to quality work.
  • Embrace downtime and make room for inspiration.


We celebrate the personal growth and development of our customers and team. Our wins are a product of our hard work and our losses are an opportunity to learn and improve.


We drive outstanding results by creating a culture of excellence in execution, rewarding those who achieve high performance outcomes.


We have an unwavering focus towards a positive impact on the healthcare community.


Steven Buslovich, MD
Co-founder, Chief Executive Officer
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Louis Hyman
Chief Technology Officer
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Grant Baird
Chief Financial Officer
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